Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will the JMM 2022 take place?

The meeting will take place in Seattle, WA, in the Washington State Convention Center and the Sheraton Seattle Grand Hotel (headquarter hotel), January 5 - 8, 2022.

Will JMM 2022 be an in-person meeting?

Yes, JMM 2022 is being planned as an in-person meeting.

Will the JMM 2022 go virtual?

It is confirmed that the 2022 JMM will take place in-person, on site in Seattle. The meeting will practice health and safety protocols that reflect our commitment to the well-being of all participants. See details here.

Will there be any virtual options offered for this meeting?

The AMS is in the process of returning to in-person activities, after having been closed since March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 virus and global pandemic. This is a gradual process that follows all relevant local, state, federal, and CDC guidance. It is also a responsive process, which will adapt as needed.

We will not be offering any virtual options and truly hope that with strict well-being protocols in place, people will feel comfortable with joining us in person. However, under special circumstances and by special request only, session presenters who will not be able to participate in the meeting in person for reasons beyond their control will have the option to have a video of their prerecorded talk played by the session organizer during the time their talk is scheduled, if:

  1. The recording is just a video file.
  2. The organizer agrees to pay for any additional cost for audio, if needed.
    Assuming the video is on a laptop or device, the only additional equipment needed would be a Direct Box which patches your computer sound into the sound system in the room; estimated at \$35.75 + tax per day. The visual part of the video would play on screen through the HDMI connection (just like how your PowerPoint presentation would normally show up on screen), and the direct box allows the audio to play through the speakers so that it is audible for the audience. An Encore technician can assist the organizer prior to the start of the session with getting their video cued up and ready to go, if needed. The deadline to request a Direct Box is November 1.
  3. The presenter agrees to register for the meeting before their session is scheduled to start.
    • If they would normally register as a member or nonmember, register at the one-day fee for member or nonmember.
    • If they qualify for any of the other fees (e.g. student, emeritus, etc.), register at those fees.
    • Registration fees are listed here. One-day fees will be available after December 20. The registration fee will be nonrefundable after December 20.
  4. It will be up to the session organizer on how they want to handle questions for the presenter.
  5. The organizer agrees to play the video.
  6. The presenter declares that they cannot attend for reasons beyond their control.
  7. The presenter and organizer agree to these terms in writing.

There will be no streaming or virtual audiences allowed. All requests and questions should be sent to

We are working on a similar option to offer to invited addresses that are scheduled to take place in the invited address room. That will be announced when details are known.

Where can I find information about the Seattle’s reopening?

For updated information, please see Seattle’s Travel and Tourism site.

Are there any pandemic contingencies in place for the JMM 2022?

We are closely following Washington State’s response to the pandemic at and at this time, are hopeful that there will be minimal pandemic contingencies required, if any, by January. However, all required practices will be adhered to, based on guidelines set by Washington State and the CDC. All updates will be posted here.

Who are the partners of the JMM 2022?

The most up-to-date list can be found here and here.

How can I become a partner of the JMM 2022?

We welcome new partners. Contact us.

How can I become a sponsor of the JMM 2022?

We welcome new sponsors. See details here.

Is registration required to attend?

All mathematicians are expected to register. Registration fees help support a wide range of activities associated with planning, organizing, and conducting this meeting.

How do I request a letter of invitation as an international attendee?

You can request a letter of invitation by sending email to If you plan to travel to JMM 2022 from outside the U.S., please be aware of Washington State’s requirements in compliance with CDC guidance, requirements, and restrictions. Information about travel and visas can be found at

How do I request a certificate of attendance?

You can request a certificate of attendance by emailing and by visiting the registration desk during the meeting to confirm attendance. With enough notice, the certificate will be ready to be picked up during the meeting; otherwise, it will be emailed after the meeting.

Is there a welcoming environment policy and/or a code of conduct for this meeting?

Yes, See the policies page here.

What is MathSafe?

MathSafe volunteers are trained to help if participants experience or witness harassment, discrimination, or other inappropriate behavior. Learn more.

Where can I find information about the Employment Center at JMM 2022?

Information about the Employment Center for employers and applicants is posted here.

Is there going to be a Career Fair at JMM 2022?

Yes, there will be one; more details to follow. Bookmark the JMM website for easy returns and updates.

Will there be a BIG Career Center at JMM 2022?

Yes, there will be one; more details to follow. Bookmark the JMM website for easy returns and updates.

Will there be a student poster session at the meeting?

Yes, Pi Mu Epsilon will be organizing the Student Poster Session at JMM 2022. Bookmark the JMM website for easy returns and updates.

Will there be a Grad School Fair at JMM 2022?

Yes, information about the Grad School Fair can be found here.

Will there be an AMS Short Course in 2022?

Yes, bookmark the AMS Short Course page for easy returns and updates.

Will there be minicourses at JMM 2022?

Yes, bookmark the JMM website for easy returns and updates.

Will student travel grants be offered for JMM 2022?

Yes, both Graduate Student Travel Grants and Undergraduate Student Travel Grants will be available.

Is there any travel funding available for session organizers?

Any travel funds offered by the AMS would be posted here.

Will child care grants be offered for JMM 2022?

Yes, a limited amount of child care grants will be available to help parents participate more fully in the meeting. Read more here.

Will there be a Mobile App for JMM 2022?

Yes, and details about how to download it will be posted on the JMM website by early December.

My question isn't listed here. What should I do?

Send email to

When will abstract submissions open?

Abstract submissions are expected to open at the end of June. Bookmark the JMM website for easy returns and updates.

When is the abstract submission deadline?

The deadline for all abstract submissions is September 21, 2021.

Is registration required to submit an abstract?

No, registration is not required to submit an abstract. However, the new abstract system does require you to sign in with your AMS web account. All presenters are expected to be registered for the meeting once their abstract is accepted.

I have to “sign in” to submit an abstract and to register online. Do I have to be a member of AMS to do so?

No, you do not need to be a member; all you need is a web account. It is free, and anyone can create one. Your AMS web account saves your contact information so that you can make online purchases at the AMS and register for meetings easily.

If you do not have an AMS web account, go to Register for a web account. If you have a web account, you can update it and reset your password at ”Your Account”. You can also create a web account during the meeting registration process.

How do I withdraw or cancel my talk?

Prior to the abstract deadline, return to the page where you submitted the abstract and look up the submission. There will be an option on your record to withdraw the abstract. After the abstract deadline, email to indicate that you wish to withdraw from the meeting or cancel your talk. Please be sure to contact the organizer of your session to let them know that you have withdrawn.

Will any of the talks be recorded?

Invited addresses that will take place in the main IA Room will be recorded and posted on the JMM YouTube Channel after the meeting. There are no plans to record or broadcast talks in sessions, nor do we have the resources to do so.

What audio-visual can I expect in a session room?

Rooms with Special Sessions and Contributed Paper Sessions will be equipped with a screen and an LCD projector for projecting presentation slides. Blackboards, white boards, and transparency projectors are not available. Session rooms will not include an Internet connection or sound connection for videos or sound clips. For presentations using MAC computers, speakers are advised to bring the proper adaptors and equipment needed. LCD projectors will be equipped with adapters to accept HDMI cables (only). Overhead projectors will not be provided as part of the standard audio-visual setup in any room.

What audio-visual can I expect in the Invited Address (IA) Room?

The following standard equipment will be provided: Lectern, PC Laptop with Microsoft Office Suite including PowerPoint, wireless microphone, laser pointer, wireless slide advancer "clicker", a document camera (for print materials and transparencies) and an LCD projector for projecting presentation slides onto two large stage flanking screens. Due to the room setup, the same image must be projected onto both screens.

For presentations using MAC materials, please bring HDMI adaptors and equipment. Internet will not be available in the Invited Address Room. If you plan on showing any videos, please save them to your computer or USB drive prior to the meeting. Overhead projectors will not be provided as part of the standard audio-visual setup in any room.

How will I be able to get audio-visual assistance at the meeting?

Desks staffed by audio-visual assistants will be located in strategic places in the convention center. The phone number to request audio-visual assistance will be placed in each session room. Audio-visual staff will be present in the IA Room during all talks.

Will printed programs be available?

Yes, printed programs will be available for purchase - \$5 each.

Where can I find the lecture notes for the Current Events Bulletin?

A pdf will be available on the Current Events Bulletin webpage during the meeting.

Will I be able to get the abstracts for the meeting in pdf form?

Participants may download a pdf of the January issue of Abstracts of Papers Presented to the American Mathematical Society, when it becomes available in December. It will include the abstracts of papers for the Joint Mathematics Meetings.

How much does it cost to register for JMM 2022?

The registration fees are posted here.

How can I register for JMM 2022?

The online registration form will be available on the JMM 2022 website. Registration will open no later than August and will remain open throughout the meeting. Bookmark the main registration page for easy returns and updates.

How can I register someone else for JMM 2022?

If you are planning to register someone else, first verify that that person has an AMS web account. If they do not have a web account, please have them register for a web account, ask for the email address associated with their web account, and use that email address to register them.

On the registration form, choose “Register Someone Else.” Then sign in with your personal AMS web account. (If you do not have one, please create one.) Enter the email address associated with your account, and then your password. (Your account information will be used as the billing address for this order.) At this point, it will ask you if you want to register someone else, or yourself. Click “someone else,” and enter the email address belonging to the person’s web account. Click on the green box that says “Check.” The record of the person who matches that email address should be displayed. Choose the person, and continue the registration. Please note that knowing the email address of the person’s web account makes their registration very fast, since you will not have to enter contact information.

Bookmark the main registration page for easy returns and updates.

How can I register a group for JMM 2022?

See “How do I register someone else?” in this document. However, if you want to register a group on the same invoice with the same payment method, choose “register someone else” instead of “Pay now for this registrant.” after you complete a registration for one person.

Bookmark the main registration page for easy returns and updates.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Wire transfers can be accepted only by making plans in advance with the Mathematics Meetings Service Bureau. Cash and checks are only accepted at the meeting.

Will I get a receipt when I register online?

Yes, you should receive a pdf copy of your receipt attached to an email acknowledgment of your registration, within 10 minutes after you register.

I am having trouble registering, where can I get help?

Please send email to

What is the cancellation policy for registration?

The deadline for cancellations is January 3, 2022. If you cancel by this date, you will receive a 50% refund of your registration fees. If your abstract has not been accepted, you will receive a 100% refund. There will be no refunds given after January 3, 2022, with the exception of cancellations due to unusual and unavoidable circumstances. For questions, please contact the Mathematics Meetings Service Bureau.

Which hotels are the hotels negotiated for the JMM 2022?

See the list of hotels here. Bookmark the JMM website for easy returns and updates.

When will I be able to reserve a hotel room?

Reservations will open no later than August when registration opens. Bookmark the JMM website for easy returns and updates.

How can I reserve a room?

You will see a button labeled “hotel reservations” after you complete your registration for the meeting. Click on this button and proceed to the hotel reservation portal. If you prefer to make a reservation later, a link to the hotel reservation portal will be located at the end of your registration acknowledgment. If you need to reserve a hotel room before you register, please contact the Mathematics Meetings Service Bureau at for the hotel link. It is preferred, however, that everyone registers for the meeting before reserving a room at a JMM hotel.

What is the deadline for reserving a hotel room or changing a reservation?

The deadline for reserving a room or making changes to a room reservation through the hotel portal is December 8, 2021. After December 13, all transactions can only be made with the hotels directly. JMM rates or room availability can no longer be guaranteed after December 13.

How do I change or cancel my JMM hotel reservation?

You can modify and cancel your reservation through the link provided on your hotel acknowledgment. If you have any questions or problems with this, please email the Mathematics Meetings Service Bureau at

Will I be charged if I cancel my JMM hotel reservation?

If you cancel your hotel room before the cancellation deadline listed in your hotel’s cancellation policy, you will not be charged. The cancellation policy will be listed in the confirmation of your reservation. If you cancel after that date or are a no-show, you will be charged for one night’s stay. If you have any questions or problems with cancelling a reservation, please email the Mathematics Meetings Service Bureau at

I need to reserve rooms for a group. How do I do this?

You will be able to do this though the hotel reservation portal. If you are making these reservations under someone else’s registration, please email the Mathematics Meetings Service Bureau for the reservation link.

I would like to share a room with another participant. How can I find someone who wants to share a room?

Everyone is on their own for finding a roommate.

Are there any housing bureaus or marketing groups contracted by the AMS to process housing or anything else?

Absolutely not. Only the Mathematics Meetings Service Bureau, which is a part of the AMS Meetings Department, is authorized to process housing, registration, exhibits, etc. for JMM 2022. If you are contacted by anyone else, it is a scam and you should contact us immediately.

How can I reserve a booth?

The JMM welcomes and invites all publishers, professional organizations, and companies that provide products and services of interest to the mathematical audience. See details here on how to reserve a booth.

How can I submit work to the JMM Mathematical Art Exhibit?

Information about the Mathematical Art Exhibition and how to submit art will be posted here.