Transforming Post-Secondary Education in Mathematics (TPSE)

Invited Address

*****CANCELLED*****TPSE Invited Address, organized by Scott Wolpert, University of Maryland and TPSE Math, Thursday, 9:50 am. Speaker will be Sylvester James Gates, Jr,  Clark Leadership Chair in Science, University of Maryland; past president of American Physical Society, National Medal of Science, What challenges does data science present to mathematics education? 


TPSE Panel on Developing Innovative Upper Division Pathways in Mathematics, organized by Rick Cleary, Babson College, and William Velez, University of Arizona; Wednesday, 10:15 am – noon. The Upper Division Pathways (UDP) group of TPSE has been working to identify best practices in mathematics departments that have grown their enrollments, increased participation from students in traditionally underrepresented groups, and produced graduates well prepared for careers.  In this panel, we will have representatives from departments with large numbers of majors discuss the strategies and resources they have used to recruit and retain students in mathematics. Moderator/Discussant is Rick Cleary, Babson College. Panelists are: Malcolm Adams, University of Georgia; Patti Frazer Lock, St. Lawrence University; William Y. Velez, University of Arizona; and Juan Guittiriez, University of Texas at San Antonio.


See PEP#2 hosted by TPSE.