American Institute for Mathematics (AIM) Events


AIM Alexanderson Award lecture, Stephen Kudla, University of Toronto, Friday, 11:00 am,  Modularity of generating series of divisors on unitary Shimura varieties

Special Sessions

Automorphic Forms and Special Cycles, Jan Bruinier, Technical University of Darmstadt, Stephen Kudla, University of Toronto, and Tonghai Yang, University of Wisconsin, Madison. (In association with the AIM Alexanderson Award lecture)

Little School Dynamics: Cool Dynamics Research by Researchers at PUIs, Kimberly Ayers, Cal State San Marcos, Ami Radunskaya, Pomona College, Han Li, Wesleyan University, David McClendon, Ferris State University, and Andrew Parrish, Eastern Illinois University

Also see jointly sponsored ILAS-AIM Special Session here.


See PEP #7 and PEP #8.


American Institute for Mathematics Math Circles Reception, Thursday, 8:00 – 9:30 pm