Joint Mathematics Meetings Invited Addresses

Current as of Tuesday, October 26, 2021 03:30:06


Joint Mathematics Meetings

  • Washington State Convention Center and the Sheraton Grand Seattle Hotel, Seattle, WA
  • January 5-8, 2022 (Wednesday - Saturday)
  • Meeting #1174

Associate Secretary for the AMS Scientific Program:

Georgia Benkart, University of Wisconsin-Madison


NOTE: The following material has been posted without being proofread in order to provide you with the most current information.

Links to abstracts will be available approximately two weeks (for sectional meetings) to six weeks (for national meetings) after the abstracts deadline.

Joint Invited Addresses

  • Marianna Csőrnyei, University of Chicago, The Kakeya Needle Problem for Rectifiable Sets. (AWM-AMS Noether Lecture)
  • Dave Kung, Charles A. Dana Center, The University of Texas at Austin, Why the Math Community Struggles with Equity & Diversity - and Why There‚Äôs Reason for Hope. (MAA-SIAM-AMS Hrabowski-Gates-Tapia-McBay Lecture)
  • Kavita Ramanan, Brown University, Title to be announced. (AAAS-AMS Invited Address)
  • Lauren K Williams, Harvard University, Title to be announced. (MAA-AMS-SIAM Gerald and Judith Porter Public Lecture)

AMS Invited Addresses

  • Anna Gilbert, Yale University, Title to be announced. (von Neumann Lecture)
  • Tyler J. Jarvis, Brigham Young University, Restoring confidence in the value of mathematics. (AMS Lecture on Education)
  • Daniel Reuben Krashen, Rutgers University, Title to be announced.
  • Dan Margalit, Georgia Institute of Technology, Mixing surfaces, algebra, and geometry. (AMS Maryam Mirzakhani Lecture)
  • Gaston Mandata N'Guerekata, Morgan State University, An invitation to periodicity.
  • Hee Oh, Yale University, Euclidean lines on hyperbolic manifolds. (AMS Erdős Memorial Lecture)
  • Jill Pipher, Brown University, Regularity of solutions to elliptic operators and elliptic systems. (AMS Retiring Presidential Address)
  • Karen Smith, University of Michigan, Title to be announced. (AMS Colloquium Lectures: Lecture I)
  • Karen Smith, University of Michigan, Title to be announced. (AMS Colloquium Lectures: Lecture II)
  • Karen Smith, University of Michigan, Title to be announced. (AMS Colloquium Lectures: Lecture III)
  • Eitan Tadmor, University of Maryland, Emergent behavior in collective dynamics. (AMS Josiah Willard Gibbs Lecture)

Invited Addresses of Other JMM Partners

  • Jeremy Avigad, Carnegie Mellon University, The promise of formal mathematics. (ASL)
  • Omer Ben-Neria, Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Jerusalem, Diamonds compactness and ultrafilters in set theory. (ASL)
  • Robert Q. Berry, III, University of Virginia, Interest Convergence: An analytical viewpoint for examining how power dictates policies and reforms in mathematics. (NAM Cox-Talbot Address)
  • Peter Cholak, University of Notre Dame, Ramsey like theorems on the rationals. (ASL)
  • Pauline van den Driessche, University of Victoria, B.C., Canada, Sign Patterns Meet Dynamical Systems. (ILAS)
  • Qiang Du, Columbia University, Analysis and Applications of Nonlocal Models (SIAM)
  • Monica Jackson, American University, Spatial data analysis for public health data. (NAM Claytor-Woodard Lecture)
  • Franziska Jahnke, University of Münster, Decidability and definability in unramified henselian valued fields. (ASL)
  • Autumn Kent, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Families. (SPECTRA)
  • Xihong Lin, Harvard University, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Learning from COVID-19 Data on Transmission, Health Outcomes, Interventions and Vaccination. (ASA Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies Lecture)
  • Sandra Müller, Technical University of Vienna, Lower Bounds in Set Theory. (ASL)
  • Lynn Scow, California State San Bernardino, Semi-retractions and the Ramsey Property. (ASL)
  • Erik Walsberg, University of California Irvine, Model theory of large fields. (ASL)

Invited Addresses of Other Organizations

  • Karl-Dieter Crisman, Gordon College, Mersenne Matters: Mathematics, Music, Monotheism, and More (ACMS Guest Speaker)
  • Nicolas Fillion, Simon Fraser University, Trust but Verify: What Can We Know About the Reliability of a Computer-Generated Result? (SIGMAA on the Philosophy of Mathematics (POM SIGMAA) Guest Lecture)
  • Edray Herber Goins, Pomona College, Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Our Departments. (Project NExT Lecture on Teaching and Learning)
  • Heather Price, North Seattle College, Climate Justice Integrated Learning in STEM . (SIGMAA Environmental Mathematics Guest Speaker)
  • Adrian Rice, Randolph-Macon College, Beyond the Strength of a Woman's Physical Power: Mathematics, Machines, and the Mind of Ada Lovelace. (SIGMAA on the History of Mathematics (HOM SIGMAA) Guest Speaker)