Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications Events

COMAP Workshop: An Introduction to COMAP’s Certificate in Modeling (CiM) Program for Educators, organized by Michelle Isenhour and Kathi Snook, Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications; Wednesday, 1:00 pm–4:00 pm. For 40 years COMAP, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications, has been a leader in developing curricular materials and professional development programs that are multidisciplinary, academically rigorous, and fun for teachers to teach and students to learn. This workshop introduces one of our newest initiatives, the COMAP Certificate in Modeling (CiM) program, designed for educators interested in integrating modeling into the classroom. The goal of the program is to provide professional development credit along with industry-leading modeling certificates that establish a community of highly skilled and knowledgeable modeling educators proficient at teaching modeling. At this time, COMAP intends to make this program and the materials freely available to educators.

During this workshop, we will introduce participants to the CiM program as well as the opportunity to obtain the Modeling Educator Certificate (MEC). Workshop participants will participate in two hour-long sessions where COMAP will expose participants to some of the material contained within the MEC program including a philosophy and framework for teaching and learning applied to problem solving and modeling. The workshop will conclude with a discussion about the workshop experience and opportunity to obtain the modeling certificate.

COMAP Professional Development Workshop: Leveraging Math Modeling Contests to Bring More Interdisciplinarity to You, Your Students, and Your Colleagues, organized by Amanda Beecher, Ramapo College of New Jersey and Kathi Snook, Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications; Friday, 9:00 am–12:00 pm. The Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP) has developed curricular and professional development materials to promote applied problem solving and modeling for over 40 years. For the past 36 years COMAP has sponsored international modeling contests using problems from a variety of scenarios and disciplines. COMAP became one of the first curriculum development organizations to focus on the interdisciplinary aspect of mathematical modeling through Project INTERMATH and the development of Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects. COMAP is excited that the MSC 2020 Database includes code 97M10: Modeling and interdisciplinarity. It seems to make sense that we can leverage real-world challenging problems arising across a variety of disciplines to bring more interdisciplinarity to our students, our colleagues, and ourselves.

During this workshop and collaboration event we will first engage participants hands-on with several interdisciplinary projects they can use in their classrooms. We will share and discuss student solution processes and the mathematics used, as well as address how to assess student modeling work. Faculty experienced in working across disciplines at their institutions will lead a discussion with participants about how to “break the ice” with another department. A follow-on discussion will examine what types of applied problem scenarios current undergraduate students would be interested in addressing and where to find resources to use to support those activities. Finally, we will offer participants the opportunity to get involved in COMAP’s Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling as an advisor, a problem author, and/or a judge.

COMAP also has a COMAP Special Session. More information on this session can be found under Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications Special Sessions.

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