Margulis to Deliver Colloquium Lectures

picture of Gregory Margulis

Gregory Margulis, Yale University, will deliver:

These lectures will be held in Ballroom Salons 1 and 2, Lobby Level, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. Please click here to view lecture notes.

Gregory Margulis is the Erastus L. DeForest Professor of Mathematics at Yale University. He received his undergraduate degree and candidate degree (equivalent of the Ph.D.) from Moscow State University. From 1970-1991 Margulis held research positions at the Institute for Problems in Information Transmission of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Moscow. Since 1991 he has been at Yale University.

His research interests lie principally in Lie group theory, ergodic theory, dynamics (especially applications of dynamics to number theory), and geometry. His awards include the Fields Medal (1978) and the Wolf Prize (2005). He is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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