2007 Joint Mathematics Meetings in New Orleans, LA

Free Wireless Connections in New Orleans

New Orleans has the nation's first free wireless Internet network that is owned and run by a major city. The system, which uses devices mounted on streetlights to beam out fast Internet connections outside for wireless-enabled computers, is now operational in the Central Business District, the French Quarter (location of the JMM), and the Warehouse District and is scheduled to be expanded over time. These connections are only operational outside. Based on location, service may be variable.

Wireless connection information for specific operating systems is as follows:

Windows XP
Most wireless network adapters that are compatible with Windows XP support what is called "Wireless Zero Configuration Service," a feature of XP that allows you set up wireless network connections. Most likely, your computer will support this feature.

To set up access to wireless, open Start, Connect to, Wireless Network Connection. From the list of available networks, select CityofNewOrleans and click Connect. This will set your preferred network to CityofNewOrleans, and activate your Internet connection. If "Wireless Network" is unavailable from the "Connect to" menu, your specific adapter may not support XP Wireless Zero Configuration, or it is not installed correctly. Refer to the documentation provided from the manufacturer and set the SSID appropriately. If you are still having problems, email the New Orleans support team at wireless@cityofno.com.

Mac OS X
If you have MacOS X with AirPort, then you should be able to simply enable AirPort and use the Internet. To be sure, set the default network setting by the instructions below.

  1. Open the Apple menu and go to System Preferences. Open Network.
  2. Set "Configure" to AirPort.
  3. On the TCP/IP section, Set "Configure" to Using DHCP server.
  4. Set the configuration to AirPort, and click on the AirPort tab. On the Preferred Network entry, click on the down-arrow to view the available wireless networks. Select CityofNewOrleans.
  5. Close the window and save the settings.

Mac OS 9
Be sure that you have switched your connection to AirPort, and select CityofNewOrleans as the network. Specific instructions are below.

  1. Open the Apple menu and go to Control Panels, TCP/IP.
  2. Set "Connect via" to AirPort. Set "Configure" to Using DHCP server.
  3. Close the window and save the settings.
  4. Click the AirPort icon on the Mac toolbar, and select CityofNewOrleans.

If, after following the instructions above you are still unable to successfully connect to the wireless network contact the New Orleans support team at wireless@cityofno.com.

Windows 95, 98, Millennium Edition, and 2000 setups depend uniquely on the driver used for specific wireless adapters. Refer to documentation from the manufacturer, using "CityofNewOrleans" as the network name (SSID), and DHCP for the TCP/IP configuration.

This information has been provided by the City of New Orleans.

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